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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Stormy Weekend

This is Will, Mel's son, riding into Milford. The Greybeards stayed in Cedar City on Thursday night. Friday morning they set out early for Milford and met up with Karen and Will about 1/2 way there. The temperature warmed to the 50's, but riding into the wind was still frigid. Will then biked with them into Milford around 4pm. They spent Friday night in a warm motel and had a quite a time figuring logistics with the storm and all. The route for Saturday morning would be to Baker, around 80 miles, which is more than a day. Camping out wouldn't be too pleasant with the storm, so they decided to hop a ride from Milford, through Baker, NV, and on to Ely, NV with Karen today, which put them back on schedule, hopefully missing most of the storm. They will be spending their Sunday in Ely, and attending a local LDS church. There has been up to 2 inches of snow on the ground during their travel today. They had snow on the ground when they got up this morning in Milford, snow in Baker, NV, and snow on the ground in Ely. They are hoping to hit the road again by Monday morning, but the temperature still looks way cold; 17 degrees F Monday morning, only warming to mid 40s (See proof of cold in Ely today in attached picture). They did run onto a couple in their mid 30's walking the trans-atlantic route. They hike for 2 weeks, mostly on trails, then take a ride ahead and stash water for their next 2 weeks. The are from Delaware and are heading to San Francisco, taking 10 months altogether. The Delawarians? had run onto a couple in Fallon NV who are pushing a baby stroller across the US, from West to East, I think. They carry their gear in it, and are stopped frequently by law enforcement who think they are endangering a child. Neil and Mel and the walking-couple-from-Delaware all agreed that the walking-couple-with-a-stroller are really crazy. (Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me....)

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