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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Middlegate on Tuesday

Pictures are at Middlegate and the shoe tree. (I've tried to include a map of Nevada; somewhat legible. The course is highlighted in bright yellow. Double click and it should enlarge to screen size.) About 58 miles and lots of nothing to Middlegate, NV today, about 30 miles shy of Fallon. The greybeards are busy figuring logistics for the rest of the trip, hoping to be in San Fran on Friday, Oct 24. Just before they hit town they could see a huge cottonwood tree from miles back. As they got closer, they weren't sure what kind of tree it was as they could see something hanging all over in it. Upon arrival they saw that the tree and the ground below are covered with shoes! Its some kind of famous tree that people throw their shoes in. (I've heard that druggies throw shoes on a power line to signify they sell drugs?) Neil called it a "classic" town. The population is listed as 18 on the welcome sign, crossed out and listed at 17. There is a bar, a gas station, a motel, and a saloon and restaurant. They are in a motel room for $45 for the night with separate bedrooms so Neil won't wake Mel with his snoring. Way to score, guys!!

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green acres said...

We had a huge old dead tree at the end of our street in Arizona that all the kids that were leaving to go on a mission would toss their old sneakers up on the tree. It was the coolest sight, but they eventually took the tree down.