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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday's Update

First picture is west of Eureka, NV, at 12F on Monday morning....

Due to the still freezing temps and winds, the Greybeards again hopped a ride Sunday morning with Karen and Will another 40 or so miles west from Ely to Eureka, NV. They stayed there Sunday night. They opted to get another boost with Karen before she and Will returned home. The forecast is still for 17 degree weather Monday morning but warming more during the day. It will be a pretty cold ride, but not so much elevation; rather level in comparison to most days. Neil loaded up on wool long socks, farmer's gloves and will be using the baklava. Hopefully they will still have fingers, toes and noses when they arrive. The monument shown with Mel is the Frisco Mine monument between Milford and Baker. Always the historian...

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