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Friday, October 17, 2008

Carson City, NV, Hospitality

Thursday's ride was 66 miles, a full day. They rolled into Carson City at 5 p.m. decided to visit a bike shop, since both had broken mirrors. While there, Neil decided to have them mount his new back tire. In talking with employees, they found that a lot of locals take bikers in and contacted one, Barbara and Pete, who they stayed with. They have a 2 bedroom home, one bathroom and a yard filled with organic plants. Pete has ridden his bike all over the world. Since they've been together, Barbara also tours with him. They visited late into the evening. This morning brought whole wheat pancakes and eggs, sunny side up. After a thankful farewell they are on their way over the next and last mountain, 4500 feet elevation up from Carson City. They may be over it tonight or maybe not until the next day. They are looking forward to San Francisco and wrapping this adventure up.

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