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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Storm delay: Hunkered Down in Torrey

Big Storm arrived Saturday morning, postponing the ride. Snow on Boulder wouldn't be do-able. This proves, to quote Randy, that they "still have some common sense." Nate, Clint, and Fisher head home. The Gray Beards and Becky visited Bicknell and had the famous Pinto Bean Pie. The storm has coincided with General Conference weekend. Neil and Mel attend the Priesthood Session of Conference Saturday night in Loa. Sunday is a day of rest and conference. We also drove up Boulder Mountain to an old Ranger Station built in 1912, that Mel and his son Will had spend part of a summer working on about 5 years ago. The Bashores have participated in a Forest Service Program for volunteers called "Passport in Time" (PIT). They spend up to 3 weeks a summer working on various projects in the National Forests. They really enjoy it. The biking adventure will resume Monday morning, up and over Boulder Mountain to Boulder City, or Escalante. Weather forecast looks much better. Hopefullly, the guys will get right back into the rhythm.

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