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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Night in the Mountains

The good ol' boys were camping in the mountains last night. They met a cyclist at the Panguitch Visitor's center who told them he knew an easier route over the mountain, so they tried it. They decided it was a harder route! Funny joke. They did over 2500 ft elevation yesterday and decided they better stop at a campground, after 40 miles for the day. They had another 1600 ft to climb this morning before heading down to Cedar City, where they arrived by lunch time. They would like to make it to Milford tonight, another 53 miles, but may stay in Minersville. They are studying the map at this very minute. They are at Hermmes for lunch in Cedar City. (Karen and I have been a little concerned, since we hadn't any word last night, but common sense told us they were out of cell phone territory.) So good to have contact. The Bashore bunch, Karen and her sons Adam and Will are heading out tomorrow morning to Milford and beyond to catch up with the Gray Beards. Adam and Will want to ride the high Nevada desert with them. Looks like they may run into some cold and windy weather. So its another few days with riding company, which is great for us family members spirit of well being. Enjoy the ride!

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