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Monday, October 6, 2008

3 weeks down, 3 to go. Enjoy the Journey!!!

President Monson's conference address, focusing on "Enjoy the Journey, find happiness every day" really hits home with the biking adventure. Both Gray beards were in good spirits and ready to go on Monday morning. Mel asks the question again, "What am I doing here?" Monday morning was chilly, as the frost on Neils bike seat proves. I returned home, assured that yes, they are both still alive, and yes they are both old, and yes they are both doing great. Their ride was about 60 miles today and lots of elevation -- 2500 up to the top of Boulder Mountain; then down to the Escalante River; then up another 1000 feet to Escalante, making it a late arrival, but a good hard ride. The mountain is beautiful with aspen colors almost fluorescent. It must be the adventure in the gray beards souls that make them do this. Everybody has their own demons.

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