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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hite, UT, and Hanksville

What a great breakfast! Mel is halfway done with the 2lb jar of p-nut butter. Hot cocoa and oatmeal was good, too. 56 miles for the day, gradual uphill. The bridge over the river at Hite is gorgeous. Fisher loved it. The Sag Wagon headed right to Hanksville to locate a motel, and find lunch to take to the trio. No services were available along their route Thursday. The bicyclers met 2 grys from Wales who were traveling especially light, staying in motels. They didn't carry much water either, Neil worried about them the rest of the day. The Welch team does about 100 miles a day. They cautioned our guys to stay away from Panguitch, "they're fascists". When inquiring about a pub there they were told that the last bar had been run out of town recently as well as a tatoo parlor. Mel stayed in the RV camp and talked with the owners about tough times there, running without enough help, etc. Spencers went t0 "Blondies" for dinner, where they lost our order and the cook was leaving for the day when we stopped him. His apology included any ice cream, etc we would like, but we filled up on dinner and were great. Another Spencer, Clint (Neil's son) arrived again at midnight for a couple of days to join the dream adventure.

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