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Friday, October 3, 2008

Rendezvous at Monticello

It felt real good to be back in Utah. Nate (Neils Son), Fisher (Nate's 3 year old), and Becky (Neil's wife) had pulled the trailer along for Nate's bike and Sag Wagon duties for a few days in Southern Utah (carrying gear in trailer, fetching meals, replenishing water, etc). Breakfast at PJs and the now "trio" of bikers headed for Hite, Ut, a mere 92 or so miles away, which was listed as having lodging (for Becky and Fisher), restaurants (for dinner, etc), and camping (for the guys). About 5 miles down the road Mel had a flat. It was a repair patch that had bulged away. That made 3 flats for Mel in 2 days. (They both got flats on Monday from truck tire wire on the road.) Neil dubbed him "Lucky Mel". A lighter load helped and the whole group stopped in Blanding at the Visitors Center where they again met Chris from Mancos, CO. He was launching from his van there, and riding in the desert for 5 days. His Surley bike was loaded with back panniers made of blue water jugs with the top cut off, and front panniers of army bags. He ended up riding along with them for about 5 miles out of Blanding, where his route turned off. The road was mainly downhill from there to Hite Marina. Lots of pretty red rock. Hite Marina was found to be more or less abandoned at about nightfall. A few campers and boats were all that were there. The store said hours were 9 to 2. No one at the ranger station. The restaurant appeared to be a table inside the store with a table cloth and salt and pepper on it. We figured it was maybe the off season being Oct 1, but no info on that either. Dinner was leftover sandwiches, granola bars, and some fruit. Tents were up and we all slept out, Nate and Fisher in the back of the Jeep. The milky way was visible as soon as the sun went down. The stars were incredible.

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