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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Story to Torrey

Now a foursome and early departure on Friday. Nate decides to take all his gear to see how it feels. Not too far out in the middle of nowhere, at about 10am they spot Randy's Bakery, and meet "Randy the Legend". They had a pastry and bought a loaf of bread baked in a wooden stove outside the store. Its more than coincidence to Neil who loves to have a pastry at 10am. The ride was beautiful, lots of scenery and funny mountains. A ride along the Fremont River through Capitol Reef National Park can't be beat. Another perfect happening was spotting 6 longhorn sheep near the river that even the lady who has worked at the visitor's center for 10 years has never seen! Neil is beside himself with joy! Pastries at the right moment and Big Horn Sheep to boot. Then, the apples from the you-pick orchards at $1 a pound made it a day that could not have been better. Met some guys (3) in a car doing all the National parks in the country that have been on the adventure for 3 months. We picnicked in a picnic park at the Visitors Center where Mel loses his handlebar bag when hitting some road markers to slow everyone down -- must have been doing the speed of light. Then reality hits and the second half of the ride is a lot of uphill. Nevertheless, they ride in about 5pm having done another 50 miles, bringing the total to about 910 miles in nearly 3 weeks. The bad news is the weather forecast is for rain and snow from 6 - 12 inches in the mountains tomorrow, which is their next day -- up the road to the Boulder Mountains and then down the other side. Might seriously need the Sag Wagon.

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