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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Up and over after Carson City

Pictures are road near Omo Ranch and camp (somewhere in the National Forest near the Carson pass). The log building was right at the pass (one of the many passes), a sort of visitor's center. Greybeards had a good day on Friday, up and down and up and down to the pass above Carson City until dark. The resorts, state parks, camps, etc were are closed, being this late in the season. They found a little road into the woods and rough camped with no facilities, but were prepared. Saturday morning was pretty cold, and they continued through the mountains. The dark came before they came to city, so they again camped in the rough, in much warmer weather. Mel finished his 2 lb jar of peanut butter. Sunday morning they went 30 or so miles to Placerville, where they finally got a motel and shower and most of the day to rest. The next 3 days are 60 mile days, and will bring them into San Francisco. Karen and Becky are planning their trip to San Francisco, too. They expect to meet up on Wednesday afternoon.

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green acres said...

Greybeards well done!!!! I never thought it could be done. You defied gravity and longevity.